Australian School-Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs)

Australian School-based Apprenticeships (ASBAs) offer students, 15 years of age or over, the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised vocational qualification by combining paid work and training as part of their educational program at college. 

Students train for a minimum of 8 hours in the workplace and a minimum of 3 hours off the job training weekly for a Certificate II qualification and a minimum of 15 hours a week for a Certificate III qualification. On completion of an ASBA, students receive a nationally recognised vocational qualification and an ACT Year 12 Certificate. 

ASBAs are available in a wide variety of industries including: Building & Construction, Hairdressing, Community Services (Aged Care & Child Care), Business, Information Technology, Plumbing, Electro Technology and Hospitality. 

If you are interested in exploring an ASBA, please complete an Expression of Interest form when you enrol in classes later this year so that you can be placed on our register to receive information on available positions. 

If you are already undertaking an ASBA, please let us know at the time that you enrol. 

If you are an employer looking to employ a student under an ASBA arrangement, please contact the school to discuss options.