Student Wellbeing and Support

Dickson College takes a whole school approach to student and staff wellbeing. We place equal value on students' emotional and social development as we do on academic achievement. We strive to foster a sense of belonging to our school community, to provide opportunities for giving and to teach resilience, gratitude, assertiveness and forgiveness.

How to access help at Dickson College and beyond

DC Essentials - study and assignment tips, referencing and plagiarism and information about attendance, scores, appeals and more.

Counselling Service

Dickson College has a full-time School Psychologist available for appointments 5 days per week. Appointments can be made through Student Services.

Clubs and Community (Pastoral Care Groups - 1 hour each week)

Clubs and Community groups support students with information about college life, academic packages, careers, attendance, health and wellbeing. Clubs and Community groups aim to:

  • Provide strong pastoral care by developing sustained relationships with teachers and students.
  • Provide a learning environment where students can learn, and be encouraged to practice, different aspects of wellbeing.
  • Work on student pathway planning and successful transition to college.
  • Provide an opportunity for community service or "giving back".
  • Build on and explore students' unique set of needs and capabilities through identifying personal strengths, interests and goals.
  • For Year 12 Tertiary students, it provides the vehicle for the delivery of our comprehensive AST preparation program.
Student Services Assessment and Certification Executive

Our Executive teacher of Assessment and Certification is available for appointments to discuss subject choices, ACT Senior Secondary Certificates and ATAR estimates.

Student Services Year Coordinators

Dickson College Student Services has 4 Year Coordinators who are available for appointment throughout the school week. Our advisors can help students with a range of issues including time management, extensions on assignments, referrals to external agencies, liaison with parents and are actively involved in running the Dickson College Tutorial Group.

Tutorial Support

The Tutorial Program runs each Thursday afternoon in the library. Teachers offer students one-on-one help with their assignments.

Transitions Program

Students can access further support with their studies and wellbeing in a small group environment. Referrals are made through Student Services.