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English at Dickson College is an engaging and stimulating area of study. As a field, English is designed to help students reflect, create communicate and analyse.

The English Faculty at Dickson College works hard to enrich young people by providing them with the skills and knowledge to be fully-rounded young people. Our goals are to develop further an enjoyment of literature and language and to extend control over the form and function of language. 

Units are offered at Accredited and Tertiary levels for English. Accredited English is for those thinking about a career in retail, a trade, the armed forces or many other industries. Tertiary English is for students who intend to go to university or a tertiary institution immediately after completing year 12. 

Students may study a Major, Double Major or Minor in English T. Students studying Accredited English generally do a major.

The first unit in year 11 English (T) is Responding to Literature. In English (A), students begin with Introductory English. In subsequent semesters, students may choose from units in the following range.  

Some of the fantastic English units offered at Dickson College include:

  • Aboriginal Literature - where you tap into the spiritual mythology and modern reality of Indigenous Australian. 
  • And the Beat Goes On - the intersection of music and literature. 50s & 60s beat music and more.
  • Advanced Writing -for budding writers who want to become published.
  • Australian Literature - from the traditional to the modern, Australian literature is lively and relevant
  • Children's Literature - learn about what it takes to make a children's book and create your own.
  • Comedy and Satire - where being funny is a serious business. Learn what it is that makes us laugh. 
  • Crime Fiction - if you like a little murder and mayhem, Crime Fiction has a long and illustrious history. 
  • English Language - is a fascinating unit about the history, etymology and grammar of English.
  • Heroes in War and Peace - an examination of our war-like and peaceful impulses.
  • Introductory English - Accredited high interest classes for students to improve their English skills.
  • Literature of War & Peace -out of the sadness and destruction of war has come some powerful literature.
  • Literature from Other Lands -enjoy other cultures before your gap year even starts.
  • North American Literature - a great course, from the First Nation people to the American Dream.
  • Novels - look at the history of the novel and read some of the all-time great books.
  • Plays - all the world's a stage and you can be a part of it.
  • Science Fiction- escape the everyday with fantastical creatures and wonderful worlds.
  • Shakespeare: poet & playwright - if you love the bard as much as we do, you'll love this unit.
  • Shorter Literary Forms - includes the study of short stories, novellas and short films
  • cience Fiction and Fantasy - an Accredited study of other possible worlds and space travel.
  • The Journey - an Accredited look at characters' journeys through books.
  • The Poet's Perspective - about the best words in the best order.
  • Writers' Workshop - for the budding JK Rowling in all of us. Write, draft, publish.

Students in English typically complete a take-home essay, an in-class essay, a creative response and an oral presentation. There can be some variation in assessment among classes. 

Student work in all English classes is moderated to ensure consistency across students, classes and year levels.

One of the many talented creative responses we have on display in Glyph

English Extension Activities

  • Debating
    debate with other Canberra schools and colleges for the Douse trophy
  • Writing competitions
    we've had student winners in newspaper and Litlinks writing competitions
  • Guest speakers
    local writers, academics, police and comedians come in to speak to us
  • Excursions
    when it comes to films and plays, we love to see the latest and greatest
  • Writing camp
    unique to Dickson College, we run a sensational three-day writing camp where you'll be lectured by university academics and writers, entertained by performers and musicians and given the opportunity to write and have your work drafted by professionals.