Engineering Studies

For many years, Dickson College has been at the forefront of many ambitious engineering activities, including the Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) program, autonomous systems, and robotics. These programs have given students fantastic  opportunities and experiences not normally found in secondary schools. It has also allowed them to excel and follow their passions  which has opened many doors for them at University or careers after graduation.

In 2014, Dickson College is offering an engineering program that will allow students to gain credits toward  their ATAR while maximising their involvement in these exciting programs.

In Engineering, students learn about the engineering process in a wide range of disciplines including aerospace, architectural, mechatronics and structural engineering. All of these units allow students to apply the theoretical knowledge that they have acquired in maths, sciences and computing areas. They also study in detail the engineering process that is used to successfully bring many product ideas into reality in industry.

Dickson College has formed partnerships with many top companies and organisations involved in cutting edge engineering work. Companies like Northrup Grumman, Codarrra Advanced Systems, and Cisco and organisation like Department of Defence, University of Canberra and CSIRO all contribute to the engineering program at Dickson College. Many of our students have either worked for these companies, gained scholarships or completed some fantastic work experience that has opened doors for them later in life.

The engineering program utilises the latest professional tools and software  including Autocad, Microsoft Project, Arduino based microcontrollers and 3-D printers.

These units are practically oriented and will give students a good basis for further studies in the engineering field at university and beyond.