Studying Languages at Dickson College gives students an appreciation of diversity, develops their intercultural understanding, provides an insight into different ways of thinking, being and doing, and offers opportunities to engage in dynamic cultural and language activities.

Students reflect on their own cultural place by negotiating meaning and recreating identities as global citizens who function as language users, not language learners.

Students study a cycle of four units when undertaking a two year course of French at Dickson College. The course is available at three levels: Beginning, Continuing and Advanced.

Units on offer:

  • The Individual's Experience. This unit covers the Personal World and Education and Aspirations
  • The World Around Us. This unit covers Leisure and Health and Into the Future.
  • Society and Community. This unit covers Lifestyles and Cultural Perspectives.
  • Lifestyles and Traditions. This unit covers Popular Culture and The Arts.

Assessment consists of four tasks throughout the semester: a research oral (20 %), a responding test (30 %), a written test (30%) and an unprepared oral (20%).