Students can complete a Major or Minor in Biology at Dickson College.

Biology at Dickson is an exciting course that teaches our students how life works. Dickson biology teachers are passionate about their subject and use a variety of teaching styles for the benefit of our students, including a diverse range of practical lessons, meaningful excursions, the use of ICT and collaboration with the scientist in schools program.

There are four different semester units of biology available to students. Students who wish to undertake a minor in biology may complete two or three semester units providing their first unit is Introductory Biology. The subsequent units are the choice of the student. Students completing a major in Biology need to complete all four semesters over the two years.

At Dickson College students will study the following units of work:

  • Introductory Biology
    This introductory unit includes the study of cell structure and function, the use of microscopes and biochemistry. The topics covered are fundamental to understanding how living things function and for this reason Introductory Biology is compulsory for a major or minor in Biology.
  • How Living Organisms Function
    This unit includes the study of nutritional requirements of plants and animals, the circulatory system and lymphatic system, gas exchange in a variety of organisms, support systems and movement.
  • Coordination, Reproduction & Disease
    This varied unit covers the coordination of the nervous and endocrine systems in response to environmental change and the needs of the organism. It also includes the study of reproduction in plants and animals, disease and infection and how our immune system works.
  • Introductory Genetics
    The basis of genetics - DNA, protein synthesis and genetic development, is studied in detail. The principles of natural selection and evolution are studied in the second half of the unit.