100 Bright Ideas for DC: Innovation and Enterprise Fund

In 2016 Dickson College celebrates it's 40th Birthday. The College is acknowledging this with a range of celebrations taking place from 24-28 October. This occasion is a great opportunity for our College to reflect on the past but also think about what opportunities we might want to encourage for the future. Opportunities that will potentially benefit our students, staff and broader community.

During our birthday week Dickson College will launch an Innovation and Enterprise fund that will aim to foster initiatives and programs that encourage student engagement in the following:

* Creative thinking
* Entrepreneurial skills
* Problem solving & Critical thinking
* Digital literacy
* Presentation and communication skills
* Community involvement and investment in social change

So! we are calling on students, parents and the community for ideas. Once we have our ideas we will then begin to work with our students, teachers parents and community to develop these in ideas into innovations that will make a positive impact in the future.The College will pledge $50,000 towards this educational initiative and establish a fund that will develop ideas and help empower our young people with the agency to make a positive change. Example may be:

* Social Enterprise
* Small start-up business
* Solving a problem in the broader community

So...right now at DC we are looking at how we might turn an idea into an innovation?

There are hundreds of Bright Ideas @ DC

What’s yours?

To contribute your idea please follow this link.