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Principal's Welcome Message

 Kerrie Heath - Principal of Dickson College


Hello and welcome to the website of our fantastic school, Dickson College.

Whether you are looking at this website as a current or future student or family or as a community member, interested in knowing more about your local school, I invite you to explore the different programs, the information and the philosophy of our school, and to contact us at any time if you would like to know more. 

Dickson College is a place of Excellence, Opportunity and Connection.  We pride ourselves on being at the heart of our community and in providing a vibrant, supportive and engaging environment as well as innovative, exciting and challenging programs for learning for all of our students. As a result, our college is full of happy students who have embraced the many opportunities that Dickson College has to offer. 

Our academic results are outstanding and improving each year with a large number of students achieving ATARs over 90 and a growing number completing Vocational Education Programs and attaining nationally recognised certificates in a range of areas.

Dickson College embraces every student as an individual with their own unique talents, dreams and needs and our aim is to support each student to meet their potential.  We are unique in Canberra as our students also include those at the only Secondary Introductory English Centre in the ACT.  In addition, we have fantastic programs for students who are refugees, those who require extension and enrichment, International Private Students, exchange students, students with disability and Connect 10 students.

Dickson College students are engaged in rich curriculum and supported by excellent teachers and administrative staff.  They are involved in a range of local, national and international projects, including the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle program, Global Relations courses, significant Arts programs, Brick and Block and a number of language programs.  They work closely with mentors in the community in a range of subject areas and we have strong ties with tertiary and national institutions across Canberra and beyond.

At Dickson College we believe that the well-being of our students, staff and community is key to the future.  Our Student Services team is proactive working closely with a range of service providers as well as careers and transitions advisors and an experienced pastoral care team.  All students are enrolled in a weekly program called Clubs and Communities which allows them to be supported in their future pathways planning and also to pursue areas of personal interest.  We have over 20 clubs ranging from singing to weight lifting.  Each club group is also involved in its own ‘Giving Program’ in which they identify and support a particular individual, group or charity as part of their core weekly activities.

There is a lot going on at Dickson College and much more to come in the future!  Please come and visit us, call our fantastic front office staff to book a tour or come along to an open night.  We would love to show you what it means to be a part of our Dickson College community.


Kerrie Heath