Teaching and Administrative staff

Dickson College teaching staff are experts in their areas and all are fully qualified and registered with the Teacher Quality Institute.

If you would like to speak with a member of staff, contact our reception area on (02) 6142 0140 or you can email teachers using the format: firstname.surname@ed.act.edu.au

Year Coordinators are available by appointment through our Student Wellbeing centre to discuss student progress. Student Wellbeing also organises Work Experience, Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs) and Structured Workplace Learning.

The school psychologist is available Monday to Friday in Student Wellbeing to support students with more complex needs.

Our Executive Teacher, Assessment and Certification, is available to discuss requirements of the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate.

Our teaching staff are complemented by an administrative team that works across the college to ensure that teaching staff and students are well supported.

College Reception and Front Office

Facilities Management, College Finances and Front Office.

Staff Members: Dr John Clink (Business & Facilities Manager), Emily Gulliver (Finance Officer), Karryn Monaghan (Reception), Sarah Reid (Assistant to Craig Edwards), Craig Osteraas (Building Services Officer).


Staff Members: Lindy Hathaway (Teacher librarian), Kirk Hone (Teacher librarian), Julie England (Library Assistant).

Arts and Physical Education

Visual Art and Ceramics, Graphic Design, Architecture and CADD, Dance, Drama, Music, Photography (film and digital), Fashion Design & Textiles and Media.

PE, Outdoor Education, Exercise Science, Sports Development, Sports Studies, and Talented Sports Program.

Staff Members: Richard Manning (Executive Teacher), Elinor Archer, Kylie Foira, Shannon Kowalick, Kate Leedham, Isabelle Mackay-Sim (Arts Assistant), Ella Packham, Jill Pettifer, Peter Richens, Kelly Roberts, Christopher Zuber, David Boyle, Ryan Davis-Philp, Scott Eastburn, John Forrest, Kate Reynolds.

English and Humanities

English, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Global Studies, History, Legal Studies, Psychology and Sociology.

Staff Members: Kirk Zwangobani (Executive Teacher), Liz Ahern, Toby Grundy, Robert Howatson, Abby Johnson, Victoria Margrain, Tina Middleby, Claire Sandrey, Kylie Seluka, Conor Bendle, Erica Brown, Ben Godwin, Lillian Green, Lia McKerihan, Zain Mohsin, Christine Mya, Dion Oxley, Shirley White.

Foundations and Dickson College High School

Foundations: Learning Support Centre (LSC) and 2 Learning Support Units (LSU).

Dickson College High School: Alternative education program for students in year 9 and 10. Enrolment is by referral from an ACT public high school.

Staff Members: Caitlin Hanby (Executive Teacher), Caleb Bartholomew (Learning Support Assistant), Jenny Cowell, Carolyn Crawford (Learning Support Assistant), Carl Davies, Michelle Davis (Learning Support Assistant), Natasha Hayes (Learning Support Assistant), Craig Harriott, Jennifer Lobb, Dale Newbery (Learning Support Assistant), Jason Abela, Margaret O'Donell.

Careers, Transitions and VET

Hospitality, Cafe Operations, Food Studies, Community Services, Woodwork, Metalwork, Building and Construction and Automotive.

Staff Members: Jenny Cowell (Executive Teacher), Melanie Cook, Vicki Jackson (Hospitality Assistant), Erica Brown (Careers / ASBAs), Lia McKerihan (Careers / WEX), Rebecca Osborne (VET Assistant), Carl Davies, Paul Howard (Technology Assistant), Vidya Nath.

Languages - including English as a Second Language (ESL), International Private Students (IPS) and Refugee Bridging Program (RBP)

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), French, Indonesian, Japanese and Latin.

Staff Members: Ros Phillips (Executive Teacher), Juliette Bornas (Chinese), Aiko Wendfeldt (Japanese), Christine Eldridge-Smith (French), Vicky Magee (Chinese), Anne Rose (Latin), Kylie Seluka (Indonesian), Yani Tian (Chinese), Anna Beaver, Marcus Lee, Christiane Roth, Pushpa Ekanayake (Bilingual Assistant).

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Oceanography, Physics, and Science.

Programming, Web Design, Networking and Engineering Science. Our Robotics, UAV and autonomous vehicles programs are run from the IT faculty but work across faculty areas.

Specialist Maths (with Extension), Maths Methods, Maths Applications, General Maths, and Maths for Living.

Staff Members: Josephine Kim (Executive Teacher), Stephen Box, Glenda Cormie (Science Assistant), Mostyn Gale, Matthew Hall, Chris Hammerer, Andrew Mahoney, Vince Tee, Dr Linda Uhlmann, Jason Abela, Brodie Kilbey (Information Technology Officer), Lex Warfield, Christine Eldridge-Smith, Caroline Evers, David Green, Emily Hathaway, Winniefred Rebellow, Chris Rumley.

Assessment, Certification and Secondary Introductory English Centre (SIEC)

SIEC: Year 7 - 12 Intensive English language learning.

Staff Members: Lex Warfield (Acting Executive Teacher), Entidhar Alridha (Bilingual Assistant), Janelle Boreham, Robert Brown (Certification Assistant), Emily Clarke, Cristina Gimeno, Elizabeth Gladwin, Emily Hathaway, Sara Hillier, Vanny Ho (Bilingual Assistant), Fern Hyde, Max Pouwer.

Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing, Year Coordinators, Careers, ASBAs, Work Experience, School Psychologist.

Staff Members: Alison Di Berardino (Executive Teacher), Lyndal Bolton (SW Assistant), Karen Burt (SW Reception), Haylee Hilly (Office Manager), Kylie Foira and Chris Zuber (Yr 11 Coordinators), Melanie Cook and Robert Howatson (Yr 12 Coordinators), Stephanie Hawke (School Psychologist - on leave), David Austin (School Psychologist), Bec Pashley (School Psychologist).