Dickson College High School

Dickson College's High School program is an alternative Year 10 program.  It is a flexible program designed for ACT students to attain their Year 10 Certificate. 

Our aim at Dickson College is to provide a solid base in core subject areas such as Mathematics, English and SOSE.  On top of these core subjects Dickson College also challenges our students with specialized teachers teaching subjects including Science, Drama, Arts, Physical Education, Workshop (metal, wood and automotive), Hospitality and Information Technology. 

Enrollment into High School at Dickson College is through a referral process from the student's current high school.  After successful enrolment, all students are interviewed prior to beginning so as to identify strengths and areas for development.  This allows for all subjects to be tailored to the interests and individual needs of the students. 

The timetable is based around groups that tailor to similar backgrounds, abilities and circumstances. 

The students also enjoy a number of excursions each year, visits to Tertiary institutions and other places around Canberra and surrounding regions. 

Students enrolled in the program also have the opportunity to be extended and challenged in College classes. 

Since 1996, when SWOW joined Dickson College, we have had a proud history of delivering alternative education programs at our school. One of the strengths of our school - and what sets Dickson apart - is our commitment to ensuring that all students can access engaging and meaningful education and in the Dickson College High School we demonstrate this every day.