Support Programs

At Dickson College we work from a strengths-based platform, focusing on building the capacity of students for greater independence in their adult lives.

To qualify for one of the Support Programs at Dickson College students must have completed Year 10 studies in a disability education setting or be assessed by a school psychologist as meeting the criteria for access to a place in the program.

Learning Support Centre (LSC) and Learning Support Unit (LSU)

Students enrolled in the LSC or LSU have a core program of units called the Foundations for Independence Package (see below), and can supplement these units with other subjects offered in the wider school community. Dickson College is proud of its inclusive education model and we encourage and support our students to undertake mainstream classes in areas of interest. LSC and LSU students will usually have access to a Learning Support Assistant in their classes, in addition to the classroom teacher. The Foundations Program utilises BSSS coursework that can lead to the awarding of the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate.

Foundations for Independence Package

Food for Life (M)

This course recognises the importance of a practical approach to solving everyday life problems and provides students with the opportunity to develop management skills involved in the selection and manipulation of resources.

Pathways to Work and Learning (M)

This course is designed to provide a foundation for students to improve their literacy, numeracy and digital technology skills as well as develop life skills and career planning.

Life Leisure and Learning (M)

This course provides opportunities for students to gain the skills necessary to make a smooth transition to post-school options and to participate in society in a meaningful and effective manner.

Contemporary English (M)

The study of Contemporary English develops students’ literacy ability to become effective users of language and producers of texts. It focuses on developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Essential English (M)

Essential English is designed to provide students with skills that will empower them to succeed in a wide range of post-secondary pathways.

Contemporary Maths (M)

The major themes of Contemporary Mathematics are the numeracy skills students will require in employment post-college and to manage their personal finances.

Essential Mathematics (M)

Essential Mathematics focuses on enabling students to use mathematics effectively, efficiently and critically to make informed decisions in their daily lives.

Information Technology (C)

This information technology course will enhance transitions to work and further education and training opportunities.

Clubs and Community (R)

A pastoral care class occurring once a week to discuss opportunities in the wider college community and to practice mindfulness, wellbeing and relaxation activities.

Inclusion Support Program

Across Australia, all schools are required to make reasonable adjustments for students with disability at the time of their enrolment and during the course of their education, ensuring they have the support they need to successfully access and participate in the school curriculum, programs and activities on the same basis as their peers.

Our school will:

  • consult with parents/carers and the student to understand their education needs and any adjustments required
  • make the reasonable adjustments that are necessary to enable a student with disability to take part in education on the same basis as other students
  • assist students and families to feel safe and supported in the education environment.

Adjustments may be made in the areas of curriculum, environment and/or teaching methods, and will vary according to the needs of individual students.

Students enrolled in the Inclusion Support Program at Dickson College can complete a Tertiary or Accredited package along with other students. They are eligible for a case manager / tutor who will meet with them for an hour every week to check in with their progress, scaffold their assessment tasks and support them to manage their time and anxiety.