Talented Sports Program

Sports Development (A) is an integrated area of study that actively engages students holistically in intellectual, social, emotional and physical development, and learning in, about and through physical, recreational and sporting activities.

The Sports Development course is designed to cater for all students who have been selected in the Talented Sports Program at Dickson College. The course consists of four semester units that are not sequential.

  • Time Management and Drugs in Sport
  • Sports Psychology and Career Planning
  • Sports Injuries and Study Skills
  • Sports Promotion and Administration

Student programs are tailored to meet the individual athlete's needs and sporting requirements, in close consultation with identified coaches and sporting organisations. In each unit, the sports performance strand will provide the talented athletes with the time and access to the facilities that they need to develop their specialised skills.  It will encourage them to evaluate and assess their performances while reflecting on their goals, aspirations and expectations, both short and long term.

Sports Development will enable students to:

  • develop knowledge, skills, understanding and values to establish and maintain healthy, satisfying lives.
  • develop physical skills which promote cognitive and academic performance e.g. functioning of the brain, learning, memory, concentration and mood.
  • plan activities independently and collaboratively.
  • communicate ideas.
  • develop self-awareness and personal identity that enables them to manage their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

Through this course, students undertake practical activities in Sports Development they gain knowledge through experiential learning. The general objectives of acquiring, applying, synthesising, evaluating and appreciating reflect the notion that skills and knowledge, once acquired, can be applied to a range of physical activity contexts. In addition, they access and use information by developing research skills that help them critically analyse contemporary issues.

The study of Sports Development supports students as they develop into young adults, encouraging enhancement of personal wellbeing, lifelong physical activity and the capacity to develop them as a lifelong learner and make a positive contribution to society.

Employment Options and Further Studies Pathways

Members of the Talented Sports Program receive numerous opportunities to promote and develop their sports, and a number end up pursuing their sport in a part-time or full time capacity after leaving college.

The information gained in the theoretical aspects of the course provides valuable foundation knowledge for tertiary study in related fields.