For Parents and Carers

For Parents and Carers

We are often asked by parents and carers - "What can I do to help my child succeed at college?"

Below you will find links to some useful documents that provide some guidance for parents/carers as we work together to support our students so that they develop and thrive at DC.

Dickson College Parent and Carer Handbook 2021

DC Essentials - study and assignment tips, referencing and plagiarism and information about attendance, scores, appeals and more.

Student Absences

Instead of completing an Absence Form, parents and carers can email

Absence Form

Click here for more information about student absences and required procedures.

Help your teen to thrive at College

Time Management

Dress Code & Uniform Policy

Community Support Services

ACT Senior Secondary Certificate information

At the DC Information Evening in February each year, Principal Craig Edwards delivers a presentation for parents and carers about Dickson College and the ACT Senior Secondary System. The presentation can be downloaded here.