Dickson College offers both digital and black and white darkroom photography at Tertiary and Accredited levels. The course gives students the opportunity to explore the medium in creative contemporary ways and understand how to communicate through the image, and for enjoyment. No previous experience is required.

Students learn the fundamentals of the SLR digital camera, composition and technical aspects of the darkroom as well as more advanced photographic techniques.

The digital stream focuses on camera functions, lighting and digital manipulation techniques using Adobe Photoshop. The units focus on artistic and imaginative ways to manipulate the plethora of imagery that has become an integral part of their everyday experience. These courses open up fantastic opportunities for further study in photography at tertiary level educational institutions. The students complete a large variety of work presented professionally in a portfolio to use for university entry interviews.

Students that do both darkroom and digital photography courses have an advantage for further study and a deeper understanding of the technical applications of photography. Students are encouraged to enter their work in various community exhibitions as well as the annual Dickson College arts exhibition.