Tourism and Event Management

Tourism and Event Management (A/V)

This course offers students a range of practical and theoretical learning experiences related to food preparation, food presentation and strategies for achieving a healthy lifestyle through good nutritional practices.

The following units can be used to make up a Tourism and Event Management course.

Tourism and Event Industries

Students develop understanding of tourism and event management industries locally, nationally, and globally. They examine the nature, scope, scale and impacts of tourism and event management industries. Students investigate the operations of contemporary tourism and events enterprises, including business, technology, innovation, and customer service skills.

Places and Products

Students develop understanding of local, national, and global, destinations, events and products. They analyse the interaction between social, cultural, economic, and environmental factors and the tourism and events industries, and how they have changed over time. Students use research skills to analyse and compare tourism and events products and services and select suitable tourism and events products to provide advice to clients. They examine marketing strategies that manipulate customer preferences about places and products. Students undertake business planning to establish a tourism or event venture and they engage in budgeting and costing, and marketing.

Trends, Issues and Challenges

Students examine contemporary trends, issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the tourism and events industries. They investigate factors contributing to growth or decline in popularity of places, products, and events, and examine changes in consumer demands and expectations. Students apply knowledge and problem-solving skills to analyse the changes that occur over time to develop understanding of current and future challenges and opportunities. They assess the challenges and opportunities offered by cultural, social, and historical factors, and develop understanding of the importance of working within and across cultures, including indigenous communities.

Managing Events and Tourism

Students investigate tourism and event operations and management and implement their own tourism or event operation. They consider the role of tourism policy, government organisations and legislation in regulating tourism and event management, including Workplace Health and Safety compliance They develop understanding of inter-cultural communication and examine considerations for negotiating with clients. Students critically analyse theories about, and apply skills in, managing relationships by complying with regulation and resolving and evaluating conflict situations among diverse cultural groups.