Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

Bahasa Indonesia – a language created for a newly independent nation (in the early 1900's) – is based on an old Malay trading language. The study of it gives you access to the languages used in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, parts of the Philippines, and Thailand and even Madagascar!

Why learn Indonesian?

Indonesia is our nearest, largest neighbor, and the 4th most populated nation in the world. The Indonesian economy is big and it's growing rapidly. Learning Indonesian is relatively easy.

  • No genders
  • No tenses
  • No tones
  • Same script as English

Learning Indonesian can open doors to a wide range of employment opportunities, for example:

  • In areas of government, education, business, tourism, travel, translating and interpreting, the military, medicine, law, engineering and journalism.
  • Learning Indonesian will improve your thinking and communication skills
  • Develops the ability to think and reflect about the workings of language
  • Develops mental flexibility and problem-solving strategies
  • Increases interpersonal skills and cultural awareness

As Australia's nearest Asian neighbour, Indonesia is a fascinating and affordable country in which to travel, study or work. Learning Bahasa Indonesia opens a pathway that allows you to travel (literally and figuratively) much deeper into this different and exotic world. In an increasingly connected world, being able to communicate effectively with those of different cultural and religious backgrounds will become an essential skill. Therefore, learning Indonesian is one of the best ways to equip yourself with the cross-cultural literacy necessary in this "Asian Century".

So as a Beginning or as a Continuing student, join us and hang out or "nongkrong" as we take an amazing journey to Indonesia through topics such as Leisure, Travel Sport, Health, Environment, Entertainment, Celebrations, Relationships, Shopping, Traditions, Youth and Food.