Construction Pathways

Construction Pathways (A/V)

This course is aimed at students who may be seeking a career in the Construction Industry.  The course provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills in the use of hand and power tools and in construction techniques with different materials and in the preparation of building sites.

Students who can demonstrate competence to an industry standard will be awarded CPC10120 Certificate I in Construction and/or CPC20220 Certificate II in Construction Pathways, nationally recognised vocational qualifications.

The following units can be used to make up a Construction Pathways course.

Industry Practices

In this unit, students investigate industry practices in construction used in residential and commercial contexts. They examine and implement the practices that are used to manage construction enterprises, workplace health and safety, employee personal and interpersonal skills and customer expectations to safely change raw materials into structures. Students demonstrate Work Health and Safety practices in the handling of equipment, materials and in working with others.

Construction Processes

This unit focuses on construction processes that combine construction skills and procedures to safely construct buildings and other structures to specifications using tools, digital tools, equipment and materials. Students interpret plans and specifications, using accurate measurements and calculations. They develop skills in the selection and use of materials, equipment and techniques to undertake construction projects. Students develop skills in collaboration, communication and reflection, as they work individually and with others to plan and complete projects.

Innovations in Construction

In this unit, students consider a range of emerging and future approaches to materials, techniques and processes in construction, locally, nationally and globally. They consider social, environmental and technological reasons for adopting innovative construction processes and materials. Students gain an understanding of a range of emerging and innovative methods to solve problems in these construction contexts. They examine the safety, sustainability and ethical considerations raised by emerging and future construction settings.

Construction Project

Students demonstrate and document industry practices and construction processes to create projects to specifications. Students apply a range of cognitive, communication, collaboration, technical and practical skills in their project. They apply knowledge, skills and understanding of industry practices and construction processes to solve problems and find solutions in their construction projects. Students are given specifications, including drawings and technical information, to complete projects.