Timber Products (A)

This course explores many aspects of working with timber including the correct use of hand and machine tools and methods of cabinet construction and finishing.

Students will have the opportunity to undertake projects and extend themselves with the special techniques required for this work.

The following units can be used to make up a Timber Products course.

Working with Timber

This unit is designed to familiarise students with workshop procedures using timber. Students learn the fundamentals of working safely with timber products, using and naming selected tools and materials correctly. Students learn to use selected hand and power tools, machinery, make joints and follow a given design to complete the projects undertaken in this unit. They learn communication skills such as following instructions, seeking help and recording processes as well as strategies to solve problems.

Techniques in Timber Manufacture

This unit is designed to develop skills in the workshop using timber and other materials. Students learn the fundamentals of workshop safety requirements, including attitudes and behaviours. They learn techniques for the manufacture and use of jigs, as well as tool maintenance for both power and hand tools. Students make decisions about appropriate jointing techniques according to the product. They learn communication skills such as reading plans and drawings, measurement and scale, as well as the reasons for selecting particular materials for a given task.

Creating to a Design Brief or Plan

This unit focuses on sustainable workshop practices and procedures, including interpretation of plans and the concept of the design brief and the design process. They explore the nature and properties of materials to fulfil a design brief. Students learn about of the selection of appropriate materials and calculate cost of production, including the whole manufacturing process. They learn communication skills such as to actively listen, and to reflect on and implement feedback from clients.

Timber Project

In this unit students create a project of their own design, or modify an existing design, to meet a particular need. Using a project timeline, students learn to manage the entire construction of a project, from conception to delivery. They consider the choice of appropriate materials, finishes and techniques, in accordance with the project requirements, proactively managing risks associated with constructing the product in the workshop. They learn communication skills such as maintaining an ongoing record of evaluation of production processes and techniques.