Dickson College Arts provides a practical and theoretical study in Media, whilst encouraging creativity and experimentation.

Students will gain a thorough knowledge in the underlying principles and techniques of media production including video, script writing, storyboarding, branding, editing, sound and special effects and motion graphics. Students work collaboratively to create film projects including short films, TV advertisements, YouTube videos, documentaries, TV episodes, promotional videos, film/movie trailers, motion graphic films, animation, music videos and more.

This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the principles, knowledge and skills involved in a vast range of areas including media foundations, video production, documentary, film, television, journalism, script process, pop culture, news and current affairs.

The college offers a variety of Tertiary and Accredited Media units, allowing students to complete a minor, major, major/minor or double major in this course. Students are also offered opportunities outside the college to participate in filmmaking competitions and  projects and may enter their films in our own screenings held at various cinemas.

The Media area includes a theatre, computer editing laboratory and studio space as well as a comprehensive range of equipment -  DSLR video cameras, computers with 27” monitors, a range of the latest software (including Adobe Creative Cloud Suite), Rode microphones, Velbon tripods and monopods, G-grips, dollies, portable lights, and sliders and jibs for creative filmmaking.