Student Leadership Group

Student Leadership Group

Student Leadership at Dickson College takes place in a number of ways. 2014 has seen the development of a formal Student Leadership Group which is a fully inclusive team of students who represent their peers on significant issues across the college. Students are not elected but self-select so that the current group comprises a very broad range of students. The group operates on principles of inclusion, opportunity and community.

Students who wish to be involved in governance and significant projects and programs and to have an impact across the school and the broader community can opt to be part of this formal Student Leadership Group which meets weekly to discuss issues and make recommendations and action plans for improving the school community.

This group is open to all students who are willing to attend meetings and events regularly, and operates via a committed core group who communicate with the Senior School Executive.

Projects this group are currently involved in include:

  • Raising Mental Health Awareness
  • Improving the physical environment of the school
  • Targeted fundraising for school based programs and community organisations
  • Improving academic and social support for students
  • Revising assessment and extension processes

All students at Dickson College are also student leaders. All students are enrolled in a pastoral care group called Clubs and Communities and through this group are part of the culture of giving at the school. Each Clubs and Communities group identifies a giving project either in the school or within the wider community which they contribute to through fundraising or some other form of action. There are also a range of opportunities through curriculum areas to represent the school. These range from the building of cubby houses for local childcare centres and schools to involvement in school sports teams,
mooting and debating competitions, language and writing contests and many more.