Dickson College Board

Dickson College Board

Welcome to the Dickson College community. It is a huge strength of ACT public schools that parents, teachers and students are able to contribute to decision-making through the Board. The Board's functions are set out in the ACT Education Act section 39(1).  These are:

  1. to establish the strategic direction and priorities for the school
  2. to monitor and review school performance and to report on it to the  Director-General, parents of students at the school and staff
  3. to develop, maintain and review curriculum for the school
  4. to develop and review education policies at the school
  5. to establish budgetary policies for the school and approve the school budget
  6. to establish policies for the efficient and effective use of school assets and the management of financial risk
  7. to develop relationships between the school and the community and between the school and community organisations
  8. to make recommendations to the Director-General on issues affecting the school and to give effect to the Director-General’s directions
  9. to encourage parent participation in their children’s learning; and
  10. to exercise any other function given to the board under this Act or any other Territory law.

The Dickson College Board is committed to its strategic role with the aim of ensuring the best possible learning environment for all students.  If you have any policy suggestions that would help us to achieve one of the functions of our role as set down by the Act, the College would like to hear them. Remember, if you want to raise an issue related to an individual student, the Principal has an open door policy and is always willing to hear your concerns in person.  There are also many other committed, enthusiastic and genuine people at Dickson who can work with you to support your young person.

For more information, please contact the Board Secretariat on (02) 6142 0140.

The current members of the DC School Board are:
  • Craig Edwards - Principal
  • Carlyn Waters - Parent (Chair)
  • Tamai Heaton - Parent
  • Vanessa Akister - Staff Member
  • Tania Balind - Staff Member
  • Audrey Nelson - Student
  • Ursula Casey-Neil -  Student