Key Dates for Future Students

Key Dates for Future Dickson College Students

Enrolment applications open: Tuesday 26 April 2022

Students wishing to enrol or transfer to Dickson College in 2023 will click on “Enrol in a School” on our home page.

Dickson College is a Category B school and has capacity for students residing in the ACT that are outside our priority area.

Initial enrolment consideration period closes: TBC

Online applications received TBC will be processed according to the public school enrolment timeline of the  ACT Education Directorate

As Dickson College is a high demand school we encourage you to meet this deadline. Any applications received outside this timeframe will be assessed as they are received.

Offers of enrolment are emailed by colleges: TBC

What happens if my child is not offered a placement at Dickson College?

If Dickson College is unable to offer your child an enrolment place, we will forward your online application to your Priority Enrolment Area School (PEA) or your second choice of an out of area college. They will email you an offer of enrolment. All ACT students are guaranteed an offer from their PEA college.

The ACT Education Directorate has a Review and Appeal period. Specific details will be provided on the letter of offer that you receive from an ACT College.

Careers interviews

The DC Careers Team are available for interviews in term 3. They will visit Campbell and Lyneham High Schools. To organise an interview, book in with your high school Careers Advisor/Year 10 Coordinator.

For students attending other high schools please call our Student Engagement Team on 6142 0126 or 6142 0139 to make a careers interview appointment.