Careers, University Advice and Work Experience

Careers, Work Experience & University Advice

Come and see our team of fully qualified Careers Advisors in N-Block - the red carpet connects us to other members of the Student Wellbeing team.

We have two main methods of communicating important Careers information to parents and students. Please join our classroom for up to date information. Please view our website for general information and resources.

Careers Google Classroom code - 4dalek6

Dickson College Careers website -

We can help you take steps in the future directions that interest you. When helping a young person to consider their career, we suggest you consider your interests, abilities and values. Success is found most often when you do something you like and are good at, so why not pursue all the options? We can lead you to information that you might not even know exists and the more information you seek out early on, the better prepared you will be for what lies ahead.

Come to us for: Work Experience, excursions to career markets, guest speakers and lectures, access to external courses, Australian School-Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs), assistance with job seeking and employability skills. We also help with applications to CIT and university through UAC, VTAC, QTAC etc, as well as scholarships and more.

JobTrainer Program

The ACT Government recently launched JobTrainer, a program which offers fee-free vocational education and training to young people who have finished school (aged 17 to 24) and job seekers in Canberra. There are around 3,500 places available for courses to be delivered through registered training organisations including CIT and some private training providers. More information here.

Transitions Officers

We have two fully qualified careers counsellors employed as our Transitions and Careers Officers who can help you transition into Year 11 and out of Year 12.

Student Pathways Planning

We work with students, families and pastoral care teachers to individually help with Pathways Planning.

Careers & University advice

We offer a range of services to assist you with career planning. The Careers team are available to students during school hours and appointments can be made to discuss options.

We offer a range of events providing information to students and parents throughout the year. Please join our Careers Google Classroom for all the up-to-date information (code 4dalek6).

Work Experience

Work Experience is a great way to explore career paths and to find out what is involved in an occupation. This is especially true if you are unsure about the type of work you would like to do when you leave college. Work Experience often leads to further employment opportunities, including part time work.

Each Work Experience placement can count towards your Year 12 Certificate and you can participate in several placements while at college. To find out more about Work Experience visit the Work Experience Coordinator, Bec Osborne, in the Careers Centre.

Can you help?

If you are an employer and would like to be involved by taking on a student as an Australian School-Based Apprentice (ASBA) or as part of our Work Experience program, please contact us on 6142 0140 to discuss how you can become involved.