Disability Support Programs

Inclusive Education Programs

At Dickson College we work from a strengths based platform, focusing on building the capacity of students for greater independence in their adult lives. The Support Programs faculty provides a unique opportunity for students requiring additional support to complete a package of study related to their educational needs, interests and future options.

To qualify for one of the funded disability support programs at Dickson College, students must have completed Year 10 studies in a disability education setting or be assessed by a school psychologist as meeting the criteria for access to a place in the program.

We offer the following funded programs at Dickson College :

Disability Education Program (DEP)

Inclusion Support Program (ISP)

Dickson College is proud of its inclusive education model and we encourage and support students to undertake mainstream classes in areas of interest. Learning Support teachers offer several units with smaller class sizes and a higher ratio of adults to students. These units include Essential English and Essential Maths which can be delivered at an Accredited or Modified level, and Contemporary English, Contemporary Maths, Food Studies and Life, Leisure and Learning.  All classes offered to Support Programs students utilise the BSSS framework and can lead to the awarding of the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate.  Students enrolled in one of the funded programs at Dickson College can complete a Tertiary or Accredited package alongside their peers.

Across Australia, all schools are required to make reasonable adjustments for students with disability at the time of their enrolment and during the course of their education, ensuring they have the support they need to successfully access and participate in the school curriculum, programs and activities on the same basis as their peers.

Our school will:

  • consult with the student and parents/carers to understand their education needs and any adjustments required
  • make the reasonable adjustments that are necessary to enable students with a disability to take part in education on the same basis as other students
  • assist students and families to feel safe and supported in the education environment

Adjustments may be made in the areas of curriculum, environment and/or teaching methods, and will vary according to the needs of individual students and their chosen academic package.

Students eligible for Inclusion Support (ISP) will be allocated an engagement advisor and have the opportunity to meet with them weekly. The engagement advisor will check in with the student’s progress, help scaffold assessment tasks and support students to manage their time and anxiety

Students enrolled in the DEP are strongly encouraged to engage in the SOSAFE pastoral care program which occurs for one hour every week.