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At Dickson College you can study English at either an Accredited or Tertiary level, under the Australian Curriculum.

ESSENTIAL ENGLISH (A) The course focuses on students comprehending and responding to a range of texts. The emphasis is on using several strategies to assist comprehension and improve the standard of reading, writing, listening, viewing and speaking. Students study literary, digital and media texts. As English is a prerequisite for study at the majority of universities, Essential English (A) is generally for those students who are not thinking of pursuing a course at a tertiary institution after they complete Year 12.

ENGLISH (T) This course focuses on students refining their skills across all language modes by engaging critically with texts, including literary, digital and media texts. Topics vary between course and include the study of genre, place and theme. Students have different options from a range of electives to study in year 12. English (T) is for students who are considering undertaking further study at a tertiary institution after Year 12.

LITERATURE (T) The focus in this course is for students to develop a knowledge and understanding of different literary conventions, literary theories, and their relationships with audiences. Literature (T) is a course for students considering undertaking further study at a tertiary institution after Year 12.

Literature (T) and English (T) subjects are interchangeable and can be mixed to gain a tertiary package. Students in English classes complete three pieces of assessment each semester. Typically, these tasks include an investigating, a responding and a creative task to a specific text type.

Units of study include:

Essential English (A)

  • Unit 1    Comprehending and Responding
  • Unit 2    Making Connections
  • Unit 3    Understanding Perspectives
  • Unit 4    Local and Global Issues

Literature (T)

  • Unit 1    Ways of Reading and Creating
  • Unit 2    Intertextuality
  • Unit 3    Power of Literature
  • Unit 4    Literary Interpretations

English (T)

  • Unit 1    Communication of Meaning
  • Unit 2    Representations Through Texts
  • Unit 3    Comparative Texts
  • Unit 4    Perspectives

Electives for Unit 3 English

  • Crime Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • International Voices
  • Adaptations

Electives for Unit 4

  • Journalism and Media
  • World Texts
  • The Fantastic
  • Conflict

One of the many talented creative responses we have on display in Glyph

English Extension Activities

  • Debating
    debate with other Canberra schools and colleges for the Douse trophy
  • Writing competitions
    we've had student winners in newspaper and Litlinks writing competitions
  • Guest speakers
    local writers, academics, police and comedians come in to speak to us
  • Excursions
    when it comes to films and plays, we love to see the latest and greatest
  • Writing camp
    unique to Dickson College, we run a sensational three-day writing camp where you'll be lectured by university academics and writers, entertained by performers and musicians and given the opportunity to write and have your work drafted by professionals.