English as an Additional Language or Dialect

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Dickson College is a diverse and inclusive community, with students from many different countries - exchange students, international students, refugees and migrants.

At any one time we might have students from Brazil, Italy, China, India, Burma, Thailand, Sudan, Ethiopia, Denmark, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Japan, Germany … anywhere in the world!

English as a Second Language is a strong and active faculty, that aims to support students from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds to access the curriculum and enjoy success at college and in their future lives.

We support all students in the ESL program across a range of issues including housing and medical issues. We assist students with class choices so that their college package suits their abilities and aspirations.

Dickson College offers the following specialised ESL subjects:

  • Tertiary ESL 
  • Accredited ESL
  • ESL Accounting
  • ESL Information Technology
  • Bridging Intensive English Program
  • Tutorial program

Tertiary ESL is available as a minor (2 units of ESL), a major (4 units) or a major-minor (6 units).

Tertiary classes focus on academic writing and research, with explicit teaching of essay structure including paragraph writing and the use of topic sentences. We teach note-taking and summarising to assist students to avoid the perils of plagiarism. We also cater for more advanced students with units on literature and culture.

In the Accredited ESL classes, students improve their general English skills and world knowledge, with units focussing on topics such as multiculturalism, media, celebrations, environment and health. 

The ESL Accounting class is an accounting course is taught in specialised classes for ESL students, so that the focus is first and foremost on language to understand accounting concepts.

ESL Information Technology is a  Modified course for Bridging students. These specialised classes cater for refugee bridging students who need extra language support and also for those who have had less ICT experience.

The Bridging Intensive English Program caters specifically for students who need extra support with language to access the broader curriculum and runs in addition to other ESL classes.

Dickson College runs a successful tutorials program for students to attend that offers language assistance with work across a range of subjects.

For more information, contact the Dickson College ESL Coordinator.

Note: As part of the change over to the Australian Curriculum, ESL will change to English as an Additional Language or Dialect.