Studying Business at Dickson enables students to develop a critical awareness of aspects of Accounting and Business as well as developing an awareness of self and how important commerce is in Australia and the world. Students in first semester study the importance of The Changing Business Environment.

These units explore the success and pitfalls of owning a business as well as the secrets of marketing products and/or services. Students also have the opportunity to participate in running their own small market stall where they put theory into practice.

Assessment in the first semester consists of a research assignment, a test, a, marketing plan and a group task with an individual reflection on the success of the market stall.

Other units which can be studied over the two years may include:

  • The Changing Business Environment
  • Relationship Management
  • Planning for Current Context
  • Business Challenges
  • Negotiated Study

Students have the opportunity to participate in various extension activities such as: Business Forums, Meet the Business Leader, ANU CBE Apprentice Challenge and other visits to businesses.

In both 2013 and 2014, a Dickson student was selected to participate in the UBS Finance Academy.