Global Studies

Global Studies

Studying Humanities at Dickson College enables students to develop a critical awareness and appreciation of the self, others and the world, inspiring them to become active, global citizens.

Global Studies is the study of the political, economic, social and cultural relationships of the world. When undertaking the course students are encouraged to take a global perspective through the study of other cultures in relation to their own and through developing a greater understanding of philosophical concepts such as identity and belonging. Furthermore the Global Studies course teaches students to think critically about key global issues and analyse the effects of international politics, global economic forces, intercultural relationships, international cooperation, on global relations.

This course mirrors a number of interdisciplinary courses now offered in prominent universities in Australia and around the world and is of particular value to students interested in studying Philosophy, Politics, International Relations, Economics, Media and Asian Studies.

Units in Global Studies at Dickson College are offered at a Tertiary and Accredited level. Students can complete a Major or Minor. The course includes the following core units that include elements of philosophy, the study of democracy, international relations, and diplomacy:

  • Global Actors
  • Global Processes
  • Global Challenges
  • Global Opportunities

Students who take Global Studies have the opportunity to attend the annual Global Challenges Conference at the ANU. The conference is organised by the Humanities faculty at the college and gives students the opportunity to hear presentations by, and participate in workshops with, leading academics and experts.

Students will be expected to complete three to four assessment tasks for each unit. At least one of these assessments will be a seminar presentation and one a research essay or report.