Legal Studies

Legal Studies

Studying Legal Studies at Dickson College enables students to develop a critical awareness of how the legal system and society are intertwined, as well as developing an appreciation of how it impacts their lives and the lives of others. By developing this awareness students are able to form their own opinions on legal, social and political issues that not only affect themselves, but also their fellow citizens in Australia and the world.

Studying Legal Studies allows students to further their existing knowledge, attitudes and values through critical thinking, analysis and building practical skills. Through doing so they become active, informed and responsible global citizens with an understanding and appreciation of a variety of systems of government and civics.

Students taking Legal Studies in the first semester study the Australian Legal System and Torts. These units enable them to see where our laws came from, to delve into the workings of our legal structures, and learn how the civil law operates. Students look at various case studies, hold debates and discussions, and develop or enhance opinions on various topics that impact on society and our legal system every day.

The assessment tasks for each semester of Legal Studies usually comprise of a research essay or assignment a test each term and an open response (such as a mock trial, presentation, or seminar).

Other units which can be studied in year 11 and 12 may include:

  • Family and Property Law
  • Crime and Justice
  • World Order and Human Rights
  • Media, Politics and the Law
  • Cyber Crime
  • Environmental Law
  • Current Legal Issues
  • Legal Issues and Gen Z
  • Sport and the Law
  • Consumer Law

One of the features of Legal Studies is that students have the opportunity to participate in various extension activities that develop their theoretical knowledge of the legal system and processes as well as their practical skills in debate, advocacy, and critical thinking. Such activities include: Legal Forums, ACT Legislative Assembly Parliamentary Debates, ACT Constitutional Convention, court visits, Parliament House question time, University of Canberra Mock Trial Competition, Bond University Moot Trial Competition and many more.

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