Chinese (Mandarin)

Mandarin Chinese is the official language in China - it is also known as Putonghua and Guoyu. People may not have considered the advantages of learning Chinese even ten years ago, but today we can see that learning Chinese is one of the wisest and most worthwhile investments you can make for yourself.

Learning Chinese not only means learning a language, but also a culture and people. China is one of the world's oldest cultures - its history goes back more than 5000 years. Mandarin is spoken by more than 1 billion people around the world - approximately one fifth of the population of the world.  More and more students are starting to learn Chinese with success. If they can, you can too!

Chinese is important for your career. Chinese language skills are useful in a wide range of vocations and careers. China is the second largest economy in the world and it has become a huge market which needs people who can speak Chinese and English. In addition, China is a wonderful country to teach English; there you can develop your language and cultural skills.

Learning Chinese is not difficult, but easy and interesting at Dickson College. Chinese has a relatively uncomplicated grammar. For example, it doesn't have verb conjugations and you don't need to memorise verb tenses. 

We have multiple levels of Chinese classes at Dickson College to suit all learners. You can study Beginning Chinese, Continuing Chinese and Advanced Chinese. We cook Chinese food in class, and learn the art of writing Chinese characters, as well as more traditional ways of study. 

Students go on excursions locally to yum-cha and karaoke. Every second year we offer a trip to China. 
Students have the opportunity to visit ANU annually as part of their Asia Pacific program, and get a taste of what the university has to offer language students. 

The Chinese program at Dickson College enriches our learners intellectually, educationally and culturally. Students are able to communicate across cultures and contribute to social cohesiveness through better communication and understanding of both Chinese language and Chinese culture.

The ANU also offers bonus ATAR points to students who complete a course of study in a language other than English (conditions apply).