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Design Gate 2014

Design Gate 2014 promotional poster

Design Gate – A Festival of Ideas

It's on again.

Following the outstanding successes of the last two years the clamour was deafening for a repeat performance!  This Design Gate will take place on Saturday 25 October from 10am until 3pm and like last year the areas in use will be the front of the College, the canteen area as well as the hall.

Design Gate – A Festival of Ideas will occur on the back of the Dickson College Arts Festival scheduled for Friday October 24 and the last day of our twin school's visit from Nara.

The intention is to broaden the focus of this 'Gate'. It is to be a festival of ideas. To that end your ideas would be most welcome. We already have a number of stallholders from last year committed to return and some new ones as well. In addition we have commitments from Dickson College groups who are also keen to participate – in particular our intrepid UAV pilot and Robotics teacher Mr Andrew Moss. There will be performances of theatre; the Arts Exhibition of photography, textiles and fashion, ceramics, a general visual feast. There will be music performed by the irrepressible Dickson College Jazz Band and ensembles of students' original music. There will be choirs. There will be a maths photography competition and prize (stay tuned). But we want more. The idea is that the ideas are representative of the entire College community.

Design Gate is an open door for the community and we would like to open it further and invite your ideas.

If you have any thoughts, or importantly, ideas and/or would like to participate then please feel to phone through to the College or drop me an email –

Take care


posted on 13 Oct 2014


Dickson College win the 2014 UC/BEACT Mock Trial Competition

Dickson College had three teams competing this year and all did an outstanding job in the Mock Trial Competition.  Dickson College competed against Radford College in the final and were successful for the second year in a row.

2014 Mock Trial Winning Team

The winning team consisted of Kate, Alfred, Alana, Cassie and Celia.

posted on 25 Sep 2014


Parent Teacher Night

Parent Teacher Night

Parent Teacher Night will be held next Monday 15 September 2014 starting at 4:30pm and finishing at 8:30pm.  Bookings for Parent Teacher Night are made using the PTO booking system.

Parent Teacher Online (PTO) Booking System


The bookings for Parent Teacher Night are managed using an online booking system called PTO.
Details regarding access to, and use of, the online booking system have been sent home to parents/carers with their child's progress report.  They are also available below for your convenience.

The icon above will link you to the PTO system so that you can start making your bookings.

Your username and password to access PTO has been sent with your youngest child's report.

If you experience any difficulties please contact the college front office on 62056455 for assistance.

Click here to view the PTO Parent Letter sent with reports.

posted on 08 Sep 2014


Silent Sports Challenge

Earlier this week eight students represented Dickson College in the Silent Sports Challenge.  The event was part of Hearing Awareness Week.  Our students played touch footy against the ACT Deaf Touch team.  Our students were required to wear ear plugs, were not allowed to talk and the referee signalled with a flag.  The students had a great time and they outlined the difficulties that they had on the field without being able to speak.  The afternoon was concluded with a pass off which saw a number of prizes won by our students.  A big thank you to Dave Boyle for organising this terrific opportunity for our students.

Silent Sports Challenge

Adam, Waireka, Jarnah, Tijuana, Rahul, Luke, Charlie and Ivan representing DC.

posted on 29 Aug 2014


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