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Silent Sports Challenge

Earlier this week eight students represented Dickson College in the Silent Sports Challenge.  The event was part of Hearing Awareness Week.  Our students played touch footy against the ACT Deaf Touch team.  Our students were required to wear ear plugs, were not allowed to talk and the referee signalled with a flag.  The students had a great time and they outlined the difficulties that they had on the field without being able to speak.  The afternoon was concluded with a pass off which saw a number of prizes won by our students.  A big thank you to Dave Boyle for organising this terrific opportunity for our students.

Silent Sports Challenge

Adam, Waireka, Jarnah, Tijuana, Rahul, Luke, Charlie and Ivan representing DC.

posted on 29 Aug 2014


Changes to Action School Services

Your new school services network starts on Monday 1 September

Along with the new bus network, our schools network is also changing on Monday 1 September.

The new schools network has been developed over the past 12 months, with all routes, services and patronage being reviewed. As a result, some school routes have been redesigned or merged as part of our commitment to providing a more direct, frequent and enhanced bus network and to increase network efficiency.

For some routes where patronage levels no longer support a dedicated school route, students can use the regular route services. Approximately 59% of school student boardings are already on regular route services.

Getting ready for the new network.

ACTION can help get you prepared for your children to head back to school using the new network. From route change details, to checking and topping up MyWay cards, latest fares and bus safety tips, everything you need is here on the ACTION website.

1.Have a look to see if your school route has changed

To find out details of the changes to schools services from the current network to the new network by school name, check out the School Route Changes By School page.

2. Familiarise your with the new Network 14 school and regular routes

All new school service routes are now available on the Network 14 School Route Services page.

If your route has changed to a regular network route, those network map routes can be found on the Network 14 Regular Route Services page.

3. Check everything is OK with your MyWay card

Now is the time to organise a new or replacement MyWay card and to sign up for Autoload. Find out how to get the most out of MyWay.

4. Remind your children about the bus safety rules

You mind want to make with a few journeys with your child on regular bus routes and give them tips. Here's a helpful video on bus safety and etiquette.

5. Keep in touch with ACTION

To keep up to date with ACTION news and important service information, sign up for our email alerts. We're also on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any further enquiries call our dedicated schools hotline on 6205 5033, available Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm until Friday 12 September.

posted on 08 Aug 2014


Songwriting Workshop

16 music students have just taken part in a program called 'Musos in Residence' which puts a high-profile songwriter and a producer into a host school for two intensive days to create new music with participating students. This is a FREE program which was offered to just 50 schools nationally.

It is an initiative of APRA/AMCOS and is supported by The Australian Government through the federal Department of Education and the Arts Ministry.

The hands-on, deadline-driven workshop covers songwriting, arranging, production planning and recording and gives students real-world insight into contemporary creative practice and the many and diverse career pathways for contemporary musicians/producers.

The 16 students worked in four groups and wrote one song per group on Thursday then recorded Friday.

Pete Richens facilitated and supported the students as they worked with the expert team and as he said, the recordings speak for themselves… we have incredible talent here at Dickson College!

The students' work is available for download here.

posted on 29 Jun 2014


Melalucea Place

You may have noticed a hive of business taking place at the former caretaker's Cottage at Dickson College. This is part of a wonderful ACT Government initiative which we are delighted to be part of.

The ACT government has provided funding to establish a Trauma Recovery Centre, now named Melalucea Place, which will be operated through the Community Services Directorate – Office for Children, Youth and Family Support through Early Intervention and Prevention Services.  Broadly, this service will provide support and therapy for children 0-12 years. This new centre will provide a base for therapists who will work with children in their schools, in their homes and at our Child and Family Centres (West Belconnen, Gungahlin and Tuggeranong). This is a much needed service for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in our community. 

The launch will  take place at the Hall of Dickson College on Thursday 10 July and will include an Opening Speech by Minister Joy Burch, a key note opening speech by Professor Louise Newman(an expert and academic in the trauma field), a Smoking Ceremony and the official opening  of Melalucea Place.

A symposium for between 100 and 150 invitees will follow at the college for the remainder of that day with presentations from experts in the field of child trauma support and recovery including Professor Louise Newman, Professor Judy Atkinson, Annette Jackson, Joe Tucci and Gregory Nicolau.  There will also be sessions presented by the Benevolent Society and some of our own staff, including our Principal, Kerrie Heath and Executive Teacher Natalie Wiles-Deane who both have backgrounds in the education of students with complex needs and disabilities.

Dickson College is proud to be part of this broader community of those committed to supporting vulnerable children across the ACT.

posted on 26 Jun 2014


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