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Year 12 final checks

Year 12 - Final checks!

Congratulations on getting to the final step to finishing Year 12!

The last thing you need to do:

FRIDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2PM complete a final package check

1. Go to

2. Follow the links for students who attend an ACT Government College

3. Log on using your school User Id and password

4. Check your unit scores and grades for this semester. If you have any problems with the scores or grades, come into school on Friday 25 November and talk to your teacher about it. Appeals close Monday 28 November 12PM

5. Check that you meet BSSS requirements in terms of points, majors/minors – requirements are below.

6. If you have concerns that are related to special considerations, please contact your year coordinator.

BSSS requirements

  • For a Tertiary package, requirements have been met if:
    • you have at least a minor in English/Literature/ESL  AND
    • you have 4 courses in at least 3 areas (a course is a minor, a major, a major-minor or a double major – a double major is ONE course)
    • 3 majors and 3 minors or 4 majors and 1 minor or 5 majors AND
    • at least 3 majors and 1 minor are tertiary AND
    • at least 18 of your points are T/A/M/C/H AND
    • you have 20 points overall AND
    • only up to 5 R points count towards the 20 points (if you have more R points, then you must have more than 20 points)
    • ** If you have moved to Dickson from another school, you must complete at least 10 points at Dickson to meet BSSS requirements.
  • For an Accredited package, requirements have been met if:
    • you have at least a minor in English/Literature/ESL AND
    • 4 minors in 3 different course areas (e.g. music and music industry are only 1 area) AND
    • you have 17 points AND
    • only up to 5 R points count towards the 17 points
    • ** If you have moved to Dickson from another school, you must complete at least 8.5 points at Dickson to meet requirements.


Appeals close on Monday 28 November at 12PM. If you are not happy about a score or a grade, you must act quickly as timelines are very tight at the end of the year.

  1. First talk to your  teacher and explain your concerns
  2. If your concerns are not allayed by your teachers’ response/action, please talk to the executive teacher in charge of the faculty
  3. If your concerns are not allayed by the executive teacher’s response/action please speak with Juliette Bornas, executive teacher of Assessment and Certification. Juliette will discuss your concerns and explain the procedure for a formal appeal if you wish to proceed further.

posted on 23 Nov 2016


DC Community Update

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

We are rapidly approaching the end of the year and there are some key dates and events you need to be aware of. I am encouraging all students to take care during end of year activities and to always look out for their friends. End of semester can be a stressful time so I also encourage all students to take measures to ensure they are looking after their wellbeing and getting enough sleep, exercise and good nutrition.

Tuesday next week (14th) will be the last day of normal classes for this semester. On Wednesday (15th) the end of semester testing period begins. All students need to make sure that they arrive at their test 10 mins prior to the scheduled starting time. If a student is absent for a test they must notify the College on the day and have appropriate supporting documentation (i.e. medical certificate) to explain their absence. If a student is late for a test, without a legitimate reason, it will be expected that they will commence their test straight away and will receive no additional time. Please see attached policy on test absences for more information.

Please follow the links below to help you with end of year events and processes:

posted on 11 Nov 2016


Design Thinking for Social Change Workshop

Design Thinking for Social Change Workshop

DC will be running a special workshop for students in Years 9-12 on Thursday 24 November 9.30am – 2.30 pm

In this workshop students will use critical thinking and creativity, collaborate with others, fine tune communication and importantly learn and use design thinking to come up with a prototype to a real life social issue happening in our community. Students develop an understanding of design thinking steps and processes. They develop skills in moving ideas to action and learn from change makers that have pursued their passion and made a tangible contribution to solving a problem or creating a social change. During this highly interactive workshop participants will:
 explore an issue they are passionate about
 use empathy mapping to develop an in-depth understanding of the people effected by the issue
 research, analyse, refine and define the problem they seek to solve
 generate new ideas
 develop a tangible prototype to road-test in the real world

This workshop is free, morning tea and lunch will be provided BUT places are limited. Students need to sign up at the front office by 18 November to reserve your place.

posted on 11 Nov 2016


Maths honour for DC student

Congratulations to Michael Robertson (Year 12) who was presented with a Mathematics Medal by the Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove at Government house on Monday afternoon. Out of the 22,000  students participating in this competition nationwide only 27 receive medals. Michael was the only ACT student to receive a Senior Medal. Well done Michael!
Michael is featured in this weeks Canberra Chronicle. To read please follow the link below:

Top Maths Honour for DC student

posted on 10 Nov 2016


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