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Board Election

School Board Elections

Dickson College

Electoral Group: Parent and Citizens Member

Number of positions to be elected: 1

Names of Nominees: Carolyn ColemanCorinna Connell

Process for election:

The voting period will be from 11am, 20 February 2017 to 11am, 27 February 2017.

Ballot papers will be available from the Dickson College Front Office from 11am, Monday 20 February 2017.

For your information, a vote is considered as invalid if any of the following issues occur:

  •  the ballot paper is not in the voting envelope;
  •  the declaration is not signed by the voter;
  •  the ballot paper identifies the voter;
  •  there is more than one vote on the ballot paper;
  •  there is no mark on the ballot paper; or
  •  the voting envelope is received outside the voting period.

Voting must be done in person, by visiting the College during normal opening hours (9.00am to 3.30pm).

Assistance in the voting process can be provided by College Staff, if required.

posted on 16 Feb 2017


Meet the Teachers Evening 15 February at 5.30pm

Meet the teachers at 5.30pm tonight at the college.

This will be followed at 6.30pm by an information session and forum: Understanding the ACT Senior Secondary System.

All welcome!

posted on 15 Feb 2017


Procedures for extreme temperatures in place Friday 10 Feb.

The College will be implementing procedures for extreme temperatures tomorrow Friday 10 February. These measures are to ensure the well being of our staff and students as well as the continuity of our educational programs. These measures include:

  • Adjusting educational programs to minimise potential for heat stress
  • Share spaces that have cooling installed such as the library
  • Relocate / rotate classes to other spaces that tend to be cooler e.g. ground floor etc.
  • Provision of online work through Google classroom.

posted on 09 Feb 2017


Keeping cool during periods of extreme temperature

It is lovely to have a couple of days of cooler weather but we can expect that we will have some more hot days before the end of summer.

It is important that students do the following to manage their thermal comfort and avoid heat stress during hot days:

  • Make the College and their teacher aware of any existing medical condition that may increase the risk of heat stress
  • Wear suitable clothing
  • Drink plenty of water
    • There are chilled water stations in the Canteen, Gym and in down stairs S block (bottom of middle stairwell, near door entering the courtyard)
    • If necessary let you the teacher know if you need to take a break to have a drink
  • Stay out of the sun when on breaks, utilise the Library or trees in the playground for shade

On extreme temperature days the College will:

  • Rotate classes to cooler areas of the College
  • Use additional fans
  • Optimise ventilation, air movement and shade
  • Provide regular access to water
  • Adjust educational programs to minimise potential for heat stress
  • Continue to monitor the temperature situation for a  safe and supportive learning\working environment

The College is utilising the building trust fund to support the replacement of blinds in classrooms and the provision of additional cooling in N Block (Special Education and adjacent classrooms and staff rooms). This project is planned to commence in the first half of 2017.

posted on 02 Feb 2017


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