Outdoor Education 

Outdoor Education 

Outdoor Education is an exciting subject where lessons learnt in the classroom are complemented with a 'hands on' experiential learning approach. To study the outdoor environment students will explore river systems through kayaking, the ocean environment through surfing, sea kayaking, scuba diving, the snow through snowboarding and alpine skiing and the land through mountain biking, trekking and volunteer work.

Outdoor Education takes a more holistic approach to education encompassing Outdoor Recreation Activities, Geography, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Environmental Studies and leadership, risk management, problem solving and personal development.

The Outdoor Education (Tertiary) course will incorporate:

  • The nature of outdoor recreation - introduction, philosophy, outcomes, history of adventure and exploration, Australians in adventure, recreation industry, health benefits, value.
  • Outdoor recreation knowledge and techniques - introduction to a selection of activities which may include bush, rope, marine, river, lightweight camping
  • Underpinning skills - selection of equipment, fluid and nutrition, clothing, navigation, weather forecasting, nutrition, hazard identification, emergency procedures
  • Introduction to the natural environment - Ecological principles, geography, weather, environmental issues and impacts humans are having on the environment.

Outdoor Education (Accredited)

This course is run "offline" and students will complete class in R unit time on a Thursday afternoon and take a three day trip to complete the scheduled hours. This course is a great release of stress giving students the opportunity to get away from it all and learn some leadership and personal development skills as well as have a great time. Outdoor Education (A) can be chosen term by term but make sure you keep a look out for the upcoming trips!

  • Snow Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Surfing
  • Sea Kayaking
  • First Aid
  • Scuba Diving
  • Multi-sport Adventures - White Water Rafting/Wakeboarding/Rock Climbing

OE Mountain Biking