Sports Studies 

Sports Studies is a good curriculum option for students who are interested in careers in the fitness industry, sports coaching, sports administration, sports media, sports business, sports marketing, community sport and recreation leadership.

At Dickson College students will study the following units of work:

  • Sports Coaching
    Roles and responsibilities of a coach, planning and designing coaching sessions, teaching sports skills and games, coaching communication, coaching children and the development
  • Issues In Sport
    History of Sport in Australia, Economics in Sport, Multicultural Issues in Australian Sport, Indigenous participation in Sport, Children & Sport, Politics in Sport, Gender& Sport, Fashion and Image in Sport, Sponsorship in Sport
  • Skill Acquisition
    The Nature of Learning, Classification of Motor Skills, Motor Patterns, Knowledge of Results, Individual differences in Learning
  • Sport, Leisure & Recreation
    Sport, Leisure and Recreation, Physical Fitness & Health, Local Sport & Recreation faculties, Sport & Recreation for people with Special Needs
  • Health In Australia Community
    Australian Health status, Health as a Social Construct, Australian National Physical Activity Guidelines, Lifestyle disease, illness and disabilities, Health Care in Australia, Health Promotion, and Health concerns for Australian population groups.
  • Sports Administration & Marketing
    General organisation of Sport Competitions, organisational and management structures, Legal requirements, Financial planning, Public Relations, Human Resource Management, Event Management, Sponsorship, Influence of Media, Advertising a brand.

Students can complete a Major or Minor in Sports Studies at Dickson College.