Dickson College provides opportunities for all International Students by building a strong sense of community with Homestay families and our wider networks. Students at Dickson College have achieved excellent results in our rigorous and challenging programs with some International Students achieving the highest median ATAR in the ACT. Canberra is a safe city, with a world-class education system that is challenging, rigorous and rewarding.

Our learning environment is interactive and holistic. This approach supports students as they prepare for university and life beyond college. Students have the opportunity to study a wide range of subject areas.

International students can access two designated coordinators available for pastoral care and academic support. Our coordinators guide students in their choice of suitable subjects and courses to access tertiary entrance.

The value of multiculturalism permeates the college as seen in the establishment of the Global Relations course. Dickson College has also won two Australian Capital Territory awards for excellence in Multicultural Education, recognising its outstanding support of ESL learners and inclusive curriculum.