History is the study of forces that have shaped today's world based on the analysis and interpretation of physical and written remains. The study of History stimulates students' curiosity and imagination and their empathetic appreciation of humanity, individuals, movements, events and ideas that have shaped time and place. While studying History students: conduct their own research, critically interpret evidence, develop rigorous historical arguments, and communicate clearly and persuasively.

The Humanities faculty offers all History units at both an Accredited and Tertiary level. Assessment of skills and content in History often includes research and in-class essays, critical empathetic tasks and document tests. Students can complete a Major or Minor with any combination of Ancient and Modern History units.

The following units may be offered:

Ancient History

  • Investigating the Ancient World
  • Ancient Societies
  • People, Power and Authority
  • Reconstruct the Ancient World
  • Reconstruct Ancient Societies

Modern History

  • Understanding the Modern World
  • Change in the 20th Century
  • Modern Nations
  • The Modern World since 1945
  • Understanding Modern Nations
  • Modern World

Course patterns

Students may choose to study a minor or major in either Ancient or Modern History, or a combination of both.