The Dickson College Japanese Program is a vibrant celebration of culture and language, enriching learners to view the world from an intercultural perspective. Students acquire problem solving and other higher order thinking skills by collaboratively deconstructing the evidence of shared values underpinning cultural and linguistic phenomena. By experiencing dynamic resources and authentic materials, students notice, compare, reflect and interact with informed understandings of the globalised intersect between modernity and tradition. The supportive and fun learning environment is augmented by a variety of specialist guest speakers, engaging excursions and technologically assisted exchange with the global community.

By embracing the traditional aspects of Japanese language and culture, students are inspired to be a part of the new generation of Japanese popular culture, which both respects and harmonises with the Japan of the past and contributes to the Japan in the future. We reflect conceptually about the values that are promoted within the culture and in their relationships, products and services.  Students learn to interact responsibly and enthusiastically as global citizens.

Students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of rich learning tasks including cooking, calligraphy, the arts, debating with scholars, exchanges, numerous external competitions and a variety of annual events at the college using Japanese. Regular visits by native speakers, visits to cluster schools and a state of the art learning space including an interactive whiteboard; our window to the world, allow our students maximum exposure to all things Japanese.

Students quickly acquire the scripts and relevant kanji characters through engagement with four themed units during the two year major:

  • The Individual
  • Society and Community,
  • The Changing World
  • Diverse Perspectives
  • Negotiated Study

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