Maths Enrichment

Pi Memorising Competition

Our annual competition was held on 14 March with 25 entrants. Rhys won first place, reciting 1000 digits.  College 2nd - Jack (140) and 3rd Demi (116). High school: 1st Aditya (391), 2nd Ananya (242). Primary: 1st Billy and Arya (~138),  2nd Ananth (104). Open: Jennie (109).  Everyone over 10 digits won a prize.

Rubik’s Cube Competition Thursday 11 May 2017

2x2x2 winner: Jamie, followed closely by Peter (best time 4.2s).  3x3x3 winner: Reilly (average 35.37s).  Peter, Ben and Jamie all under a minute.  4x4x4 winner: Jamie (best time under 3 minutes).  5x5x5 winner: Jamie (7:19.66).

MAD-DAY (Maths Awesome Day – Dickson And You)

In December we invite teams of Year 8 and 9 students to a day of awesome maths. It is mostly about fun, but there are also prizes. Previous winners:

2014 1st Fast and Furious from Amaroo
2014 2nd Elephants from Lyneham
2014 3rd Kalculators from Lyneham

2015 1st Isabel Can’t Make It from Telopea
2015 2nd Thomas the Tank Engine from Telopea
2015 3rd Gee, What’s Your Sine from Gold Creek

2016 1st Friendly 1 from  Lyneham
2016 2nd Maths Stars from Lyneham
2016 3rd Radical Railroad from Lyneham

MAD-DAY – Approximate Schedule  Tuesday 5 December 2017

8:30-9:00                 Registration
9:00-9:15                 Explanation of rules etc.
9:15-9:55                 Round 1 - Coordinate treasure hunt
10:05-10:40             Round 2 - Team questions, mentor briefing
10:40-11:10             Morning tea - Fruit
11:10-11:50             Round 3 - Puzzle time
11:55-12:40             Round 4 - Swiss
12:40-1:25               Lunch – Salad and pizza and fruit boxes or flavoured milk
1:30-2:20                 Round 5 – Relay
2:20-2:45                 Afternoon tea and choose a prize while judges tally scores
2:45-3:00                 Award ceremony

Changes from previous years: Relay teams won’t have to wait for the other half of their team to catch up before they get the next question. Trophies will be awarded to the top schools, rather than the top teams. Major prizes (t-shirts, books etc.) will still be awarded to top teams.

For sample treasure hunt click here, for sample relay click here , for sample puzzles click here, and for sample Swiss click here

Community Of Dickson Excellence (CODE)

CODE is a group of gifted Dickson College students. Join them for a multitude of enrichment opportunities. Our students have won too many awards to mention here – often top in the ACT and sometimes top in the ACT and NSW.

Contact Caroline Evers in the Maths faculty for more details.